Divorce Mediation

“Couples who are thinking of getting a divorce really need to find out about Divorce Mediation and all of its benefits.  They will be glad they did.”

shutterstock_190620455Would you like to be in control of your divorce?

Are you and your spouse able to make amicable decisions about the future and what is best for your children?

Would you like to avoid the stress, hostility and conflict typically associated with traditional litigated divorce proceedings?

If so, then Divorce Mediation may be the answer for you and Christopher Kokiko, Attorney at Law, can help.

Divorce Mediation allows divorcing couples the opportunity to take control of planning their own lives so they can make decisions about their future. Divorce Mediation is especially beneficial for divorcing parents who will need to make joint decisions about their children well into the future.

And it doesn’t stop there. The decision-making process learned in Divorce Mediation can serve as a model for a divorcing couple’s future communications. Studies show that mediated settlements have a consistently higher rate of compliance because the divorcing spouses have created their own agreement, on their own agreed upon terms.

shutterstock_93843559As a trained Divorce Mediator, Chris assists couples in Doylestown, Quakertown and Central Bucks County. He will meet with you and your spouse as a neutral third party to help you work out the details of your divorce. As your mediator, Christopher Kokiko doesn’t make any decisions FOR you, rather he serves as a guide to help YOU determine the best possible outcome for both spouses and any children you may have. No one person dominates the process. The proceedings are constructive, not destructive; amicable, not adversarial.

With the help of Christopher Kokiko, your mediated divorce will be:

  • Less Costly
    • Both parties share in the cost of the mediator, as opposed to each side hiring an attorney and paying separate fees.
    • And, because litigation is typically not involved, the legal fees are substantially less.
  • Faster
    • Three to six months for divorce mediation vs. twelve to eighteen months
      for litigated divorce.
  • Flexible
    • The process is controlled by both parties, not the court or attorneys.
    • Decisions are made collaboratively, not imposed by the courts.
  • Better for your children
    • Since Divorce Mediation isn’t about winning or losing, studies show that children of mediated divorces fare better academically and emotionally than children of adversarial and litigated divorces.
  • Comprehensive:
    • Most mediations end in a settlement of ALL issues in a divorce.
  • Private:
    • Divorce Mediation proceedings are confidential, with no record of what goes on during the sessions.
  • Collaborative:
    • Divorce Mediation agreements can help divorcing couples avoid future conflicts.

Why not take the first step towards settling YOUR divorce in a way that is equitable, and not adversarial?

Contact Christopher Kokiko today to see if Divorce Mediation is the answer for you. Call 215-536-4516.