Estate Planning and Administration

“Our offices will handle the entire Probate and Estate Administration process with competence and make it affordable for you and your loved ones.”

shutterstock_130170590Do you have an Estate Plan in place? Do you know what will happen to your savings, property and investments if you become incapacitated, are no longer able to manage them, or after you pass on?

Christopher Kokiko, Attorney at Law, assists clients and their families with developing a comprehensive Estate Plan for preserving and maximizing wealth, both while his clients are alive and after their death. During the Estate Planning process, Chris will provide counsel on the best ways to protect your assets from being depleted by death taxes, long-term care costs and other potential future claims. In addition, he will work with you to develop an Estate Plan that will minimize the chance of future conflicts among your heirs or other possible stakeholders.

By working with Christopher Kokiko, Attorney at Law, on your Estate Plan, you can feel confident that your wishes and instructions will be mapped out for how your assets are to be distributed; how your minor-aged children are to be cared for; what should be done regarding end of life issues if you become incapacitated; and how your final arrangements are to be made.

“Everyone should have a set of well prepared estate planning documents, including a Will, Power-of-Attorney and health-care related documents.” 

shutterstock_228663082Christopher Kokiko has the knowledge, expertise and experience to navigate all matters relating to Estate Planning. His clients and their families depend on him for counsel relating to:

  • Preparation of Documents
  • Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills and Healthcare Powers of Attorney
  • Guardianship Provisions
  • Estate Tax Planning
  • Medicaid Planning
  • Family Settlement Agreements

In addition,Christopher Kokiko assists clients with matters relating to Estate Administration, including:

  • Probate Document Filing
  • Estate Asset and Debt Determination
  • Satisfaction of Estate Debt
  • Beneficiary Communication
  • Preparation of Inheritance Tax Return
  • Distribution of Estate Assets

shutterstock_264000620If you do not have an Estate Plan in place, when you die or become incapacitated, your loved ones will be left to make difficult decisions they won’t want to make and a court of law will make the final determination as to how your assets will be distributed. Estate Planning and Administration are too important to be left to chance and to the court system.

For peace of mind now and later, contact Christopher Kokiko at 215-536-4516 for an appointment and get started on your Estate Plan today! Appointments are available in his Quakertown office or, in special situations, Chris will make home visits or meet with clients in nursing homes or assisted living facilities.