“Using Chris as our Mediator was the best choice we could have made. Instead of spending our money litigating our marital estate, we were able to save it for our kids.” – Joan R.

“At least in our case, it was a stress free process. Mr. Kokiko handled the entire Mediation in such a way that we felt we were in control of our own destiny.” – Paul C.

“It has now been two years since we finalized our divorce through your mediation center. Looking back, it certainly, was not a fun time for Brian and me, but, with your guidance and assistance, the divorce process ended up being much less expensive and stressful than I thought it would be. I am so happy we chose Mediation over the other way, and so happy we used you as our mediator. But, the biggest benefit of mediating our divorce was how our children have dealt with the break-up of our marriage. They didn’t seem traumatized or freaked out. It has actually been nice for all of us to get together on holidays and have family time together. Brian and I believe that was only possible because of your mediation services. Thank you again.” – Melissa

Estate Planning:

“The whole idea of Probate was very confusing until Mr. Kokiko explained it to us and helped us get through it. I don’t know what we would have done without him.” – Michael E.

“When my Mother died, we went straight to Chris and he helped us file the paperwork, pay the taxes and distribute the assets to my sisters and brothers. It went smoothly and did not take a long time.” – Carol W.

“I thought the process of getting a will would be hard, but Mr. Kokiko made it easy, painless and not expensive.” – John R.

“After my mother was admitted to her assisted care facility, we were so glad that we had Mr. Kokiko draft all of her legal documents. It made that difficult process much easier.” – Carol M.

DUI’s and ARD

“Because I was involved in an accident, other attorney’s told me I was not eligible for ARD. Mr. Kokiko worked with the DA’s office and got me into the ARD program.” – Andrew C.

“Mr. Kokiko knows how to present a favorable picture of you to the District Attorney so that they are quite willing to admit you to the ARD program.” – Paul O.

“Chris went to bat for me and hit a home run.” – Natalie E.